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Thesis Defense and Submission Guidelines

1. Candidates must be enrolled to defend.
2. Before PhD defenses the publication requirement should be satisfied. Journals indexed in SSCI, SCI-E, and AHCI, as well as journals in departmental lists available on the ESBE web page are eligible.
3. For each semester, the last day to defend is as follows:
a. For the fall semester the last day to defend is last day of classes.
b. For the spring semester the last day to defend is a week before the first day of course registrations of the following fall semester.
c. Bound and signed theses must be submitted to ESBE within 30 days of a successful defense.
4. “Last day to defend” is the last date ESBE will schedule a defense in each semester. Defending on or by that date is not a right, departments and advisors may require earlier (but not later) defense dates. Please check with your department.
5. There should be no thesis defenses between the last day to defend and the end of add-drop period of the following semester.
6. Thesis defense outcome forms should please be conveyed to ESBE quickly, in no cases more than three days after the defense itself. (Same for TİK outcome forms.)
7. Theses should be carefully copy edited, free of formatting errors and typos, and should have consistent referencing and bibliographies.
8. Theses should be bound before being signed. At least one and at most three copies of theses will be signed, one signed copy will be handed in to Bilkent Library. External members of thesis defense committees may choose to sign loose approval pages but Bilkent affiliated members, beginning with advisors, should check and sign bound copies. ESBE director provides the last signature.
9. Bound theses must be accompanied by completed termination of enrollment form at the time of submission to ESBE (ilişik kesme formu).
10. One loose approval page may be submitted with the bound thesis to be signed if the candidate would prefer using this to scan and include in the CD to be handed in.